Any food service operation, from an over-the-counter deli to a full service restaurant, needs a fast and reliable way to track and process their customers’ orders. The Aloha restaurant POS system has set the standard for how restaurant POS software needs to work.

The Aloha POS system combines ease of use with robust capability, giving you the flexibility to manage the system however you choose. With Aloha, it’s never been easier to:

  • Drive top-line growth
  • Deliver exceptional customer service
  • Eliminate waste by ensuring order accuracy
  • Reduce POS training for servers or cashiers
  • Increase control of business
Advanced functionality brings a wealth of useful business tools right to your fingertips.
Intuitive touch screens allow for a faster, more efficient user experience and less time training staff.
Advanced fault tolerance means your system remains operable regardless of any brief system hiccups that may occur.
Extensive front of house reporting ensures accurate tracking of all transactions.
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We at ICR pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality products available. As a certified IBM Business Partner, we’re able to do just that. IBM is a global leader in the research, development and manufacture of the most advanced information technology products in the world, and we bring it right to your door.


National Cash Register is one of the most iconic names in POS and retail solutions technology. For more than a century, NCR has continued to deliver new products to the market that have revolutionized the industry. Quality and innovation are the hallmarks of the NCR brand, and we’re proud to be able to offer these products to you at the most competitive rates available.


IGManager is a complete backroom suite every single Independent Grocer needs to operate their store. Today you must deal with more diverse product mixes, increased "special deal pricing" from DSD vendors, more layering of sale/TPR prices and more requirements for store account reporting. All of this, on diminishing Gross Margins and predatory national chains. IGManager can help.


The Toshiba 4680-4690 Supermarket Application enables grocery retailers to use a single, powerful software solution to increase efficiency at the point of sale, improve decision-making across the enterprise, and help operators in every store deliver outstanding customer service.


Few environments are more dependent on a reliable POS system than restaurants. High customer volume, frequent staff turnover, and complex receipt tracking are all part of the business, which means your POS system needs to be fast, easy to use, and reliable.

Using only the best products on the market, we can create a point-of-sale solution that’s specifically designed to handle your business needs.

So your customers can keep dining, your staff can keep moving, and you can keep track of everything.


In the grocery industry, customer satisfaction is the only thing that matters. You’ve trained your staff to cater to their every need, and the last thing you want is for your hard work to be spoiled because of a technical error.

Our industry-focused POS systems put the most advanced customer tracking and data management capabilities into your hands, and with service that’s as reliable as the products we sell, you can relax a bit along with your customers.


Your cash register is the entry point for your business’ entire revenue stream, and if it can’t get the job done, neither can you.

We’ve built a track record of providing some of the most reliable, secure, and cost-effective retail POS solutions available, ranging from single cash registers to checkout lanes, and everything in between.

We Also Love to Work with

  • Hotels
  • Convenience Stores
  • Fast Food
  • Bingo Parlors
  • Motels
  • Schools
  • Bars
  • Country Clubs
  • Military Clubs
  • Resorts
  • Pharmacies
  • Supermarkets

Digital Video & Audio Recorders

Security Camera Screens
The security of your business depends on more than just the strength of a lock. You need the ability to monitor your operation 24/7, both for your employees’ safety and for that of your assets. We offer a full range of CCTV and covert surveillance options,
including tapeless digital recorders and infra-red video cameras. We’ll work with you to assess your individual requirements, from the physical layout of your operation to the level of surveillance you wish to maintain.
And we install and service the products ourselves, so you’ll know from day one you’ve got the best watching out for you.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tackle all of your needs at once? We work with all types of businesses in the food service, hospitality, and retail industries, and over the years we’ve learned how valuable a service it is to our customers to be a one-stop shop for certain items.

So if you find yourself in need of new equipment, whether for food preparation, accounting, or even storage, just ask!

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